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Last week Alex Reekie of WM Reply joined the Sitecore Virtual Marketer Exchange as a panelist discussing what makes a successful personalisation strategy.

“The promise of personalisation is nothing new — we know that companies with a successful personalisation strategy succeed in acquiring and retaining customers, and rank higher in customer satisfaction scores. So why do so many companies struggle to make it work for them? Without a strategy, even the best tools can fail to deliver the results. Hear from specialist panelists in digital marketing to learn why a structured plan and a defined process are critical, and how data is the cornerstone of a successful personalisation strategy.”

Whilst the live session has now passed, you’re still able to watch on-demand via:

Since 2019, we’ve been building a partnership with Vanarama — providing product design, UI/UX design, and development services.

It’s been an excellent experience and we’ve loved working with such a talented and tech-first team.

To celebrate the launch of their new website, you can read an interview with CEO Andy Alderson in the latest issue of Technology Magazine (pages 316–327) below:

Finance in Vodafone is on a journey of digital transformation; working to digitise their monthly country reporting process, better leverage their financial data, surface new insights, and realise value opportunities sooner.

As a multi-disciplined partner, our role was to deliver UX research and design, mock-ups, a UI design system, and bespoke development as a managed project.

Today we’ve launched out latest case study for this project: Vodafone MPR

In December 2019, we helped launch easyJet holidays.

We’re immensely proud of the website we designed, built, and delivered in only 7 months, as well as the strong relationship we’ve built with the easyJet team, especially through such a difficult year for the travel sector.

Today we’ve published our first case study on our website: easyJet holidays

Back in May 2020, Alex Reekie, our Head of UX, UI, and Product, presented a webinar covering why DesignOps is essential for digital business. This included solutions to frequent challenges faced by product, UX, and design teams, as well as some particular timely challenges around distributed and remote teams, given that this was live-streamed just as the Covid-19 pandemic was reaching its first peak.

You can catch a recording of the session below.


  1. Intro to WM Reply (0:00)
  2. What is DesignOps? (5:37)
  3. Common Problems (8:12)
  4. Our Solutions (14:29)
  5. Case Study: easyJet Holidays (26:23)
  6. Case Study: Vanarama (29:25)
  7. Takeaways (32:43)
  8. Live Q&A (34:18)

WM Reply Digital

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